The Flyfish Journal

Building upon the success of frequency The Snowboarder’s Journal and The Ski Journal, The Flyfish Journal was launched in 2009, immediately garnering respect for its attention to detail and commitment to showcasing flyfishing as a lifestyle. Featuring all aspects of fly fishing, from catching exotic species to sharing a beer on the local river, The Flyfish Journal is now recognized by flyfishers around the world as the voice of fly culture and has recently won a Maggie from the Western Publisher”s Association for Best Consumer Quarterly. The digital version of The Flyfish Journal has been downloaded by readers all over the world. See it on iTunes.

“I have been in the fly fishing industry for over 20 years and have seen publications come and go. The Flyfish Journal is a dramatic departure from the rest with fresh, opinionated subjects and nothing but the best in imagery to compliment these pieces. A coffee table caliber journal, nothing compares and as a photographer, there is not another industry publication I am more proud to see my work in”
—Dave McCoy, Owner, Emerald Water Anglers (travel/guide services, retail, instruction) and noted photographer

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