Nike – 40 Years

Nike partnered with FFLLC to create a 96-page book cataloging 40 years of inspiration and innovation. While the project started as a softbound book to be used as a promotional piece by their internal sales team, it soon took on a bigger life and was picked up by the entire company. The piece was also produced in a hardbound format as well as a limited edition slipcase version given to the Nike board of directors and company executives. In March, 2013, this book was awarded a Maggie from the Western Publishers Association for best Trade Annuals, Semi-Annuals & Three-Time Publications.

“Honestly, it’s probably been the coolest project I have ever been on in 16 years, honored to get a chance to highlight a company that I have given 16 years to and probably 20 more… Thanks so much to your team, they are unbelievable.”
Bill Farnum, Nike Team Sales Director

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